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Services - Grand Strand Auto Auction, Used Cars Myrtle Beach SC


Grand Strand Auto Auction’s 4 bay recon shop can get your vehicles cleaned and detailed for you, just call 843-347-7355 to make an appointment.


Grand Strand Auto Auction’s professional marketing team will expose your vehicles to every willing buyer/ dealer throughout the United States. Customized email blast, social media, trade journals and daily call and text campaigns are just some of the popular ways we let the world know about your vehicles coming up for auction. If you should have and questions or concerns in regards to our marketing strategies, please contact us 843-347-7355


Grand Strand Auto Auction provides light mechanical service. Contact 843-347-7355 with any questions or request.


Grand Strand Auto Auction offers a wide variety of options in helping to assist you with your transportation needs. Call 843-347-7355 for assistance.


Let us facilitate your OVE sales! It is a service we not only offer for vehicles you are bringing to auction with us, but for your on lot vehicles as well!


We offer condition reports for both vehicles that you bring to the auction as well as for vehicles at your dealership. We are flexible and able to cater to your needs!


We offer everything from basic wash and shines through full detailing services.


Grand Strand Auto Auction offers Post Sale Inspection services starting on the day of the sale. This inspection is done for a nominal fee and aligns with all auction lighting systems and arbitration rules.

If a potential issue is discovered during the inspection process by our technicians, the vehicle will be entered in to arbitration for further evaluation by our trained Arbitration Specialists.

By taking the burden of test-driving vehicles off the dealer, you can stay in the sales lane and do what you do best — buy vehicles! Post Sale Inspections are available sale day only.

To buy with even more confidence, take advantage of our 1 Day Drive-Train or our 7 Day Drive-Train. These are done for a fee and cover the drive-train (engine, transmission, differential, four-wheel drive). To qualify for the 7 Day, the vehicle must have been run under “green light”, have under 125,000 miles, and no announced conditions. Vehicles with over 125,000 miles ran under a green light qualify for a 1 Day PSI. If a covered issue arises, Grand Strand Auto Auction reserves the right to repair the vehicle or repurchase the vehicle. Returned vehicles must not have accrued 200 or more miles from the time of inspection and are not transferable between buyers. Transportation not included. Units that are over 125,000 Miles, Red Light, or with announced conditions do not qualify for the 7 Day.

Vehicles are test driven, and it is not a diagnostic evaluation.

Items checked:

  • Mileage / Odometer verification
  • ABS and brake function
  • Transmission functions properly and engages
  • Engine operation
  • Structure checked
  • Flood inspection
  • 4X4 system engagement
  • Electrical accessories checked for function (Green Light vehicles)
  • Emission control equipment present (Green Light vehicles)
  • Air conditioning operations (Green Light vehicles)
  • SRS / Air Bag Light (Green Light vehicles)

***All Diesel Units are AS-IS and are NOT eligible for Post Sale Inspection***

***Rear End Noise is Not Eligible for Arbitration at this Auction for Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep vehicles.***

Auction will not arbitrate for wearable items as defined by the NAAA, noises or inherent conditions. Any single mechanical or electrical defect that has a repair cost of $800 or more is subject to arbitration. Single defect less than $800 are deemed minor and not subject to arbitration. Auction will not arbitrate visible defects or announced conditions.

Should either a buyer or seller dispute the decision of the auction in the arbitration process, the auction will send the vehicle out for a 3rd party inspection. The losing party pays the dealership service fee and round-trip transportation. If you do not want to be bound by this and possibly charged a fee you as a seller must release the buyer from the sale, or as a buyer, you accept the auction decision as final and keep the vehicle with no further arbitration possible.

Post Sale Inspections and 7 Day Drive-Trains must be signed up for by 5pm day of sale.

*Sale Day Policy: Vehicles Driven Over 30 Miles After Purchase Are Not Eligible for Arbitration. Vehicles that have a PSI become null and void if driven more than 100 miles. PSI’s can’t be given on a vehicle if the vehicle is gated out on sale day before the PSI is completed.

For more information contact us at 843-347-7355